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There is nothing like the micro iDSD. It is literally, out of this world. It is the only DAC in the world (at any price) to play   True Native   Octa-DSD512/PCM768/Double DXD. Its   Perfect-Match   means it can be fine-tuned to any headgear from IEMs all the way through to large headphones. Its 8v/4000mW output makes it one of the most powerful headamps to drive even the most hungry of headphones with ease. iFi has forged an enviable reputation for being at the forefront of computer audio technology. The micro iDSD has just made another leap, an Octa-Leap to be precise. With its special Dual-Core Burr-Brown native DSD/PCM chipset at the heart, the micro iDSD is capable of True Native PCM768, Octa-Speed DSD512 and 2x DXD; it is simply out of this world.
The micro iDSD has 3 different power modes Eco, Normal and Turbo. Capable of 4000mW, 1000mW or 250mW, the micro iDSD is able to drive the full gamut of headphone and amplifiers alike. With iEMatch there to dial to suit any IEM, the micro iDSD has redefined the headphone amplifier class. Used along with the analogue volume control, the diminutive size of the micro iDSD belies its uncanny ability to drive virtually anything and everything!
SmartPower® is the micro iDSD’s onboard recharging feature for Smartdevices. Its 4800mAH battery is able to fully recharge an iPhone two-times. Compatible with Apple and Android, phones and tablets, it is another example of iFi’s commitment to customer needs - enjoy high-end audio on the go without worrying about the phone going flat.

iFi’s iCAN and iTube have already achieved widespread acclaim, so much so that their core features including 3D Holographic and XBass have become renowned in their own right and imitated by others. In the micro iDSD, for the first time in an iFi product, it features XBass and 3D Holographic for Headphones and Speakers. All these features are still executed in the analogue, not digital domain to preserve the original music format. And so much more…. with the amazing Crowd-Design program, we are over the moon that you, the customer was central to the development of the micro iDSD. The micro iDSD is literally bursting with features - such as Direct/Pre-Amp, 3.5mm input, SPDIF Input/Output and much, much more. You will have to see it to believe it.    Specifications:   ItemDescription RemarksInputs/Outputs  Inpu ts (rear)USB 2.0 type A OTG Socket
(with iPurifier® technology built-in)Compatible with computers (Apple/Win/Linux), iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Devices, camera kit or USB-OTG cable required. (Full USB3.0 port compatible) Intelligent SPDIF® Coaxial3 Way combo SPDIF port (Coaxial In/Out; Optical In); Up to 192kHz PCM SPDIF Optical    Outputs (rear)Audio RCA L+R  Intelligent SPDIF® CoaxialUp to 192kHz PCM    Output (right side)SmartPower® SocketFast charge all portable devices. Compliant with USB Battery Charging Standard 1.2 - 5V @ 1.5A      Controls  Contr ols (front)  - HP OutputAudio 6.3mm Headphone Jack - Volume with Power On/Off switchPrecision analogue volume control117db(A) THD & N (0dBFS Line)2V Output Impedance (Zout) < 240 Jitter (correlated)Below AP2 test set limit       Headphone Power Output  HP Amp OutputPower (max)Power (continuous. )- Turbo mode10.0V/4,000 mW @ 16 Ohm>1560 mW @ 64 Ohm- Normal mode5.5V/1,900 mW @ 16 Ohm>950 mW @ 32 Ohm- Eco mode2.0V/500 mW @ 8 Ohm>250 mW @ 16 Ohm      Specifications (Headamp Section)  Dynamic Range (HP)>115dB(A) (Eco Mode, 2V Out) THD &N (HP 500mW/16R) < 0.008% Output Voltage (HP)>8V (Turbo Mode) Output Impedance (Zout) Így is ismerheti: Micro iDSD, MicroiDSD, Micro iDSD, Micro-iDSD
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